Project Resume

Below is a partial & brief listing of projects we have completed and Incinerator Systems that we currently service


We service and maintain 5 incinerator units with the Agriculture Dept. Services include emergency repairs, system upgrades, inspections, etc.


We service and maintain 5 units between the two universities. The size of the units ranges from 300lbs per hour to 1000 lbs. per hour in various configurations. We perform annual inspections to ensure EPA compliance and generate annual/bi-annual reporting for the above.

Services include system upgrades, repairs and consultation.


We provide certified training as required by the EPA for the operators of this unit which burns radioactive waste.


We maintained this 1500 lbs./per hour unit for over 10 years. We performed a complete system overhaul including all electronics, PLC, instrumentation, Operator Interface etc. 


Alarm manager & light curtain tracking & control system.  PLC based system monitored all safety light curtains and alarm scenarios that prevented a “machine run” condition.  Software coupled with light curtain breakage prompted the machine operator to enter a reason for light curtain breakage.  Software & hardware covered up to 8 zones of protection, encompassing the entire battery assembly machine.  Completed software was implemented to all battery assembly machines.


6 station 800HP DC wire draw machine. Upgraded the motor drive system and converted the control system to a recipe-oriented PLC based control system with dual remote operator interface units, auto field weakening, extensive alarm manager & system diagnostics.  This project exceeded the customer’s original control specifications and his expectations.


A.S.R.S. product storage & retrieval system.  Upgraded traffic control software and implemented R.F. ID tagging system to track and transfer product to and from production to storage and from storage to shipping.  Transfer of and storage of battery products were fully automated.  Customer was very satisfied with final results.


Brake pad pre-press operation.  Conceptualized, designed, installed and implemented software development for 10 pre-press control systems for the automotive industry.  Features included extensive graphics for operator interface, high compliance PID loops for heat control, and extensive safety interlocking to prevent operator injuries.


380 Ton chiller plant. Unique software & PLC based control system controlled 6 –  60 ton chiller units.  Software featured auto-rotation and auto-swap-out of faulted chiller(s), staggered & stand-alone chiller operation.  Central operator interface allowed complete control of entire system, chiller selection, extensive alarm & diagnostic data display.  Custom written communications software & daughter board were designed and built to interface with chiller controls. 


Automated high-speed automotive brake booster tester system.  Software and hardware to control traffic flow of brake boosters coming off of the assembly line to final adjustment and testing.  Each booster throws out rod was aligned to within .005” and sent to a queue.  When 1 of 4 testers became available, the brake booster was automatically transferred to a test machine where a series of high-speed real-world test were performed.  Test results were sent to a main data collection system for storage to meet ISO manufacturing requirements and to identify bad boosters. Bad boosters were automatically removed from the assembly line and sent to a re-assembly area. This system featured high speed motion drive systems for real world testing. Custom PLC software development interfaced high response Delta-Tau motion control hardware.  Booster test rate was 225 units hourly.


Turbine re-manufacturing powder blending system.  PLC controlled, O.I.U. recipe-based system that blended various types of additives for the re-manufacturing of aircraft jet engine turbine blades.  This was an extremely successful project that exceeded the customer’s specifications and his expectations. 


Conceived, designed and manufactured flood gate hoist control system with built in redundancy. System was design with 2 sets of VFD drives, etc., so that an operator can pair either set of drives with either set of motors (paired) at the push of a button. Encoder switching was used for gate positioning and extensive use of touch screens were deployed to ease operator control and provide operator status info at a glance.

System consisted of 4 30HP VFD,s all in torque command. Master Slave encoder follower set-up between drive pairs. Simple 1 button operation to select drive sets (pairs). All encoder switching, frequency commands etc. gate controls, positioning, alarm handling were handled by AB Compact Logix PLC.


600 TON Rolling Mill. 2 1000HP DC machines in Tandem (Main Drives) and 4 400 HP Unwind/Rewind DC machines. Completely gutted the control system(s) and upgraded to GE FANUC PLC and controls. Multiple HMI screens (7) for operator interface and status.

This was a fun job and a joy to work on due to the sheer size of the motors and mechanics. Precise motor control (torque) of the rewind and unwind drives were necessary, as well as the main drives.


6 Color 2 story High Speed Film Printing press. Completely gutted the control system(s) and replace everything with AB Control Logix. Multiple 15” touch screens with heavy graphics to show every conceivable machine status even down to deck positions, Burner Controls, etc. Extensive use of color graphics to show winder and unwinder functions, diameter calculator etc. Extensive features such as “Slow Start” Ramp Start”, Slow Stop” etc. were requested by the client (All configurable) to fit his unique requirements.


The DC Drive system was upgraded and designed to give the owner 120% output capacity. Press ran at 1000 ft/min, but was capable of 1200ft/min.