GE Series 5Automation Design Consultants provides PLC programming, troubleshooting and repair services on all GE Series 5 PLC Products. We provide programming services via Logicmaster, Versapro and Proficy Machine Edition.

The Series 5 (Not to be confused with the Allen Bradley 5 Series) was a large platform PLC. Additionally, the Series 5 used a removable memory module, which this author loved. The memory module came in 5 different configurations, two of which used a “button” cell type battery to keep the data “alive” as well as a battery for the CPU itself.  The Series 5 PLC was introduced in the late 1980’s.

The GE Series 5’s prefix IC655 for each part number represents the Series 5 family. A complete part number will begin with IC655 with a middle 3 letter designation IC655MDL501 and a 3 character designation that finalizes the part number. As with the 90/30 and 90/70, the various middle designation are as follows:

MDL is a discrete input or output module or a mixed I/O module
ALG it is an analog input or output module
CHS is a base or rack 6 or 8 slot
CPU which stands for a CPU or Processor. The series 5 only featured 1 CPU

APU has several designations such as a High Speed Counter, Axis Module or a ASCII/BASIC Module

MEM is a memory cartridge, 4K, 16K
CCM which stands for communications module or interface module
PWR which stands for power supply, 6A, 12A or a 24VDC @ 6 Amps
BEM has several designations, but is basically a interface module

CBL represents different types of cables

There are other “middle “ designations such as ACC, but the above listing are the most commonly used modules.

The GE Fanuc Series 5 was a successful product line but was quickly replaced by the GE 90/30 series which was cheaper, had more capability and of course a smaller footprint.

The following are the processor and memory cartridges (CPU) within the Series 5 family.

This is a single slot CPU module. It was the only CPU for this family

This unit is a 4K memory module with battery back-up.

This unit is a 16K memory module with battery back-up.

This unit is a 16K memory module that is UV erasable.

This unit is a 4K memory module that is electrically erasable.