DSC00052We have a very broad and deep background in manufacturing and automated machinery. The majority of our clients are OEMs where automated machinery is a given. We have partnered with several clients for application specific machines and we have developed (solo) multiple automated machines. Some of our projects are:

Shim Machine
This machine punches various diameter paper and mylar washers (shims) for musical instruments. The process automatically feeds, punches, collects and batches these washers or “shims”. The machine is totally automatic and will signal the operator upon completion of a batch or machine fault. The number of shims per batch as well as the number of batches can be programmed via a touchscreen. All functions are done with a PLC of the client’s choice. ADC was responsible for the mechanical/electrical design, software development and construction of this machine. We have made multiple upgrades (at the customer’s request) on this machine that include, faster PLC, anti-static and de-ionization of the mylar material. This was a very, very successful project.

cm2Linear Coating Machine
This device draws wire from an emulsion tank at a given rate for precision thickness coating. This machine is totally automatic. The operator enters the length of the device to be coated and the machine takes it from there. Velocity and other parameters are also adjustable by the customer. ADC was responsible for the mechanical/electrical and software development of this machine.

Grommet Insertion Machine
The machine was designed in collaboration with Champion Laboratories who produces oil filters for Jaguar, Harley etc. This machine would line up 20 filters into a que for a 2-step insertion process. Once queued, a high torgue servo system would fit or “press” the grommets into the end of the filters. The fitted grommets would then travel to the 2nd step where they would be flipped and the process would be repeated. After the 2nd step, the filter assembly would be sent for insertion into the can then inspection and packaging.


This machine was developed in partnership with a textile company. This machine would take the waste material from the carding and cleaning process and form it into a high BTU “puck” that can be burned. The idea of the material feed and the control of the material feed was our invention. Additionally, automatic feed compensation (volume) was also our invention. This machine was hydraulically controlled due to the high pressures required. Today this can be achieved with servo motors. We were awarded 2 patents for this machine.